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QUALITY IS EXPECTED. Please do not use this group to mass broadcast an off topic article, or tweet, or self-promote, or spam. Please post Jobs directly into the Jobs Section. Please post Promotions (Products, Services etc) directly into the Promotions section. LET'S CONNECT. There is a professional intent behind this group. As part of this, I'd like to establish a first degree connection with all members. If we're not already connected, please send me a request to connect when you join. Here is the link to my public profile: PLEASE INVITE OTHERS. LinkedIn now offers a feature that allows members of a group to invite others to join. I have enabled this feature. Please use this link to invite other professionals interested in this group. These invitations will be the primary means by which our group will grow. PROVIDE FEEDBACK: Please let me have any feedback positive or negative. I am particularly interested in your success stories such as discovering a new idea